More Auburn Cheerleading from Scarbinsky

Don’t Mess with Texas

This time, Kevin Scarbinsky tries to convince us that Auburn is just as good of a job as Texas:

That might baffle some people, but only if they haven’t been paying attention or they’re intentionally twisting the truth. The truth is, if you know what you’re doing, you can do anything and everything at Auburn you can do at Texas.

He even uses numbers and stuff:

You want to recruit really good players? From 2010 through 2013, the average Texas recruiting class finished No. 8 in the nation in the rankings. The average Auburn recruiting class finished No. 7.

Go back and add 2009, and the average Texas class finished No. 7. The average Auburn class finished No. 9.

Auburn’s current class is ranked No. 8. The Texas class is No. 11.

What’s that, you say? Texas has been forced to recruit through the turmoil of Mack Brown’s declining years? See the Gene Chizik era at Auburn. That was unsurpassed turmoil with a capital UT.

And bling:

You want to win conference championships? Brown was the Texas coach for 16 years. At a program with more resources than anyone else in a relatively weak league, Brown won two Big 12 titles.

In contrast, Auburn has won three SEC titles in the last 10 years, more than any other program in the league, during the greatest period of collective success the league has ever experienced. Auburn has won those titles under three different head coaches.

Conference championships not good enough for you? You want to win national championships?

Texas has won exactly one of those since 1970. More recently, the Longhorns are 1-1 in the BCS Championship Game since 2005. By comparison, in 20 days Auburn will play for its second national championship since 2010.

I think he’s serious, too.

Is Malzahn a serious candidate for the Texas job?  I have no idea.  Would some serious Texas cash turn his head west?  Maybe, or maybe not.  Remember back in 2010 when he supposedly turned down huge cash from Vanderbilt to stay at Auburn?  (Yeah, I’m not sure if ole Gus’ calculator works.)

I think there are certain arguments to make for Gus staying at Auburn vs. taking the Texas job.  But Auburn being a better job than Texas isn’t a valid point.

You know why?  Because it isn’t.

Auburn may win a conference or national championship every now and again, but the school will always be “little brother” to the University of Alabama.  The perpetual second fiddle, if you will.

Texas, meanwhile, is the biggest fish in a very big pond.  Win or lose, they command the state of Texas and they rule their conference no matter their on-field record.

And they are a major player in the college football world.  If the ‘Horns wanted to hook up with the Pac-12 or ACC, the commissioners of those conferences would make it happen in a snap.

Auburn isn’t any of those things.

Scarbinksy laments:

Unless Malzahn wants to replace Nick Saban circa 2006 as the ultimate coaching Pinocchio, he’s already chosen what he has at Auburn over what he might have at Texas.

Uh, wrong.

If Malzahn – even with signed extension in hand – jumped to Texas, every reasonable college football fan in the world would totally understand.



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