The Forgotten 99-Yard Touchdown

Forgotten in the last second loss to Auburn is what would have surely gone down in Alabama history as one of its finest plays ever – AJ McCarron’s fourth quarter 99-yard touchdown pass to Amari Cooper.

Though it will now pass quietly into Crimson Tide history with little fanfare, it’s worth another look to see how the defense was beaten:

“I just got aggressive,” Mincy said. “All week, when I was studying him, every time I saw McCarron roll out, they always came with a comeback route. So that’s what I was waiting on. Playing corner you got to take risks. My safety was there, kind of figured he was going to make the tackle, but you know how that goes.”

Cooper planted his left leg as if he was setting up for a first-down catch at the 11. The hesitation move turned Mincy’s shoulders enough to allow him to run up field near the Auburn sideline. McCarron lofted the ball in the air, Cooper ran underneath the pass and caught it at the 37-yard line as Mincy trailed behind and Whitehead fell short of the tackle.

It’s amazing that such a little thing – he “planted his left leg as if he was setting up for a first-down catch” – so late in the game made such a big deal.