Palmer Loves Him Some Hyperbole?


Whoa, Jesse

Whoa, Jesse:

“He’s the best running quarterback [Dak Prescott] that Dan Mullen’s ever coached,” ESPN’s Jesse Palmer said on the TV broadcast. “Yeah, that includes Alex Smith, who was the No. 1 pick overall. That includes Tim Tebow.”

A former Florida Gator quarterback himself, Palmer knew what he said, and backed it up.

“The escapebilty, you don’t have to block everybody in order for him to give you the explosive play,” Palmer said. “He makes this offense better in the red zone a lot like Tim Tebow and Alex Smith.”

You’ve said a mouthful there, Jesse, given Smith’s performance at Utah and Tebow’s Heisman exploits at UF.

But on the other hand, Prescott does make Mississippi State better.  Yes, he’s a good runner, but he’s also tough and seems to be a great leader.  If State is able to build on their Liberty Bowl appearance and take a step forward in 2014, it’ll likely be because of Prescott.