Blogging is hard work.

Regardless of one’s motive for writing, fulfilling the commitment to blog regularly takes a lot of effort. The process of coming up with the idea for a good post, writing it in a quality fashion and the doing so consistently, according to the committed schedule, is quite the undertaking. I’ve been able to blog consistently on a couple of sites, but eventually, the process wore me out and I dropped the blogging ball, so to speak.

On this site, for example, I’ve blogged through a couple of football seasons by posting articles on a daily basis. The seasons were fun and mostly successful, but by the end of the seasons, I’m mostly tired of talking about Alabama football. I also begin to realize that the time I’m spending on Alabama football blogging takes away time from writing about other things.

Life also takes over at some point.  Simply put, in the great big scheme of things, blogging is not that important and other, more important things need to be handled.  Back in 2012, for example, we sold our house and moved.  There was just no possible way to blog, despite being in the midst of a back-to-back title run.

But…as the calendar flips over and as we inch toward football season, the itch returns.  So, I’ve decided to give it another go, but with a few modifications.  The posts may or may not be daily and they won’t all be about Alabama football.  In an effort to be less herky-jerky and more consistent, I’ll probably just post all my blogs here instead of here and there.

It’s good to be back – for a while – and Roll Tide.