What Saban is Looking for in a Starting QB

Last week, we took a look at what to expect from Alabama’s next starting quarterback, either Blake Sims or Jacob Coker.  Here’s the nutshell version:

  • Minimal turnovers;

  • High completion percentage; and

  • Being the game manager.

After the Tide’s first practice of the season last Friday, the actual coach of the team, Nick Saban, voiced his opinion on the subject:

1. “…the guy that can basically have the best judgment, decision-making, relative to doing what we need them to do.”

2. “…the guy that is most accurate in throwing the ball to the right place at the right time to give guys the opportunity to make plays.”

3. “…their leadership to affect other people.”


For the most part, I think these line up pretty well.

I think you can easily coordinate “decision-making, relative to doing what we need them to do” can translate into “don’t do something stupid and turn the ball over.”

The comments on accuracy line up pretty well, and, in my humble opinion, this can be overstated enough.

And I think “their leadership to affect other people” can, with a particularly loose interpretation, somewhat correlate to game manager.  “Game manager,” in my mind, equates to “being the QB and getting the job done,” and I think that includes on the field and off.

I don’t post this to create some vague associations in order to enhance my blogging cred, but rather to point out the obvious as to what the new quarterback needs to do.

It will be interesting, obviously, to see how this race unfolds.