First Scrimmage Answers

Heading into last Saturday’s first scrimmage, we had a few questions.

Thanks to Saturday’s weather and the general nature of college football scrimmages nowadays, I’m not sure we got any answers, but that doesn’t stop us from talking about it.

1) Quarterback“…we should begin to get a sense of how this race is stacking up.” Well, do we?  We weren’t treated to QB stats.  That’s not a huge surprise.  The weather also most likely threw these guys a curve ball, as well.  But that’s okay, the real games are often played in bad weather, too.  Blake Sims most likely lined up with the starters for most of the scrimmage.  During the next scrimmage, we can expect to see Jake Coker spend some time with the ones or, if not, expect that Sims has pulled away here.

2) Left tackle, right guard – Leon Brown is still on the mend and Dominick Jackson sprained an ankle.  That means Alphonse Taylor is still getting a good long look at right guard and some other folks are getting good reps with the ones and twos.

3) Inside linebacker – We seemed to have made it through the scrimmage with no major injuries here and that’s a very good thing.

4) Nose tackle – Dalvin Tomlinson doesn’t play the nose, but he missed the scrimmage and along with other absences, some other folks also got a few more reps.  Over the next couple of weeks it’ll be good to get all of the regulars back, healthy and ready to go.

5) Defensive backfield – No major news is good news, I guess.  This year’s defensive backfield is more talented than last year’s.  Nick Saban said as much in his post practice comments.