Worrying About Bama’s Starting QB

During the course of this last off season, I wasn’t all that worried about who would be Alabama’s quarterback this year. Meh, I figured, we could win 10 games with me at quarterback.

But as the season approaches, I have to admit, I’m a bit more concerned.

The reason? Well, there’s primarily just one.

At some point during the season – it could be several times per game or only once per year, you have to rely on your quarterback to make a play. It could be a touchdown drive or a key third down throw, but at some point, it will happen. And until it happens, you just don’t know what kind of quarterback you have.

Greg McElroy, in 2009, passed his first test against Virginia Tech in the opener. And believe me, if you watched that game, you know there was a point where you wondered if he had what it took.

In 2011, AJ McCarron wasn’t really tested until the November game against LSU. And, ultimately, he didn’t pass this first test.

Blake Sims and Jake Coker have the benefit of being surrounded by incredibly talented teammates. Offensively, the Tide is stacked this year. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Defensively, the team is younger, but loaded with hungry talent. But even with all of this talent, one of these QBs will have to make a play. Maybe it comes against West Virginia or maybe the time comes against Florida. Or maybe it’s later. But it will come. And until it does, we really won’t know what type of season we are going to have.