Day After Thoughts: FAU Edition

I know, I know, we haven’t played two world beaters to start the season, but you still have to admit, the offense so far hasn’t been half bad.

Yesterday’s tally: 41 points and 620 yards in about three and a half quarters.  Not bad at all.  Starting quarterback Blake Sims continued to play well, notching 214 yards and two scoring tosses while completing 11-of-13 passes.  Jake Coker saw his first significant action of the season and tallied 202 yards and another score on 15-of-24 passing.

For some perspective on the 620 yards, consider this.  Except for last Saturday, by my count, Bama has only talled 600+ yards in only three games since 2008.  There was 668 against Kentucky last year, 615 against Ole Miss in 2011 and 626 against Duke in 2010.  Logging over 600 yards is doggone impressive, I don’t care who the opponent is.  Doing so with a quarterback battle underway makes the feat even more impressive.

Defensively, Bama was really never test by the Owls.  To start the game, Cyrus Jones appeared to be the lucky guy in the barrel as the cornerback was tested early.  But the test was short-lived and the Owls went on to manage only 145 total yards and nine first downs.  All-in-all, the Tide defense looked more poised, thanks in part to a totally inferior opponent and leader Trey DePriest back on the field.

Here are a few other random thoughts:

* Sensational new punter J.K. Scott never saw the field as the Tide didn’t punt.

* Coker lacked the field presence of Sims, but the kid has a cannon for an arm.  An absolute cannon.  With the talent the Tide has at receiver, there’s an opportunity to take the lid off of the defense on every play.

* The running of Sims is something opposing defenses must consider in their game plans.  Sims scored once on a busted pass play with a dash up the middle and broke a couple of ankles with a nice looking first quarter run.  You can doubt his down field passing if you will, but he somewhat offsets that with the ability to run.

* Overall Sims played well and looked in control of the team, but the fumble early in the second half should be concerning to the Tide offensive coaches.  Last week, Sims was rattled against WVU, necessitating the use of the no-huddle offense to kick his brain into gear (or out of gear, depending on how you see things).  This week, the fumble was caused by a communication problem between he and runnning back T.J. Yeldon.  If you want to distance yourself in a quarterbacking competition, that’s not a good way to do it.

* Eddie Jackson can lay wood.  The sophomore looked good in his return from knee surgery and definitely brought some swagger back to the Tide secondary.

More later, Lord willing.

Roll Tide!


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