Game Day Thoughts: Southern Miss

If college football had a preseason, Alabama would be playing their last game of it today against Southern Miss.

Yes, West Virginia was a big-boy game, but it was winnable from the get-go.  Florida Atlantic was pretty much a worthless game to play (other than checking the box that a game was played) and Southern Miss would worry me…if this was 2006.

But it’s not, thankfully.

Today, Alabama squares off against a team that was blasted 49-0 by Mississippi State in the opener and then eased past Alcorn State 26-20.  This isn’t a very good football team.  Today’s results should look very similar to last week’s FAU game, give or take a score or two.

My general thoughts are these:

1) I’ve never liked playing Southern Miss.  From Reggie Collier’s win over coach Bryant to Brett Favre spoiling Gene Stalling’s opening game at Alabama, the Golden Eagles always seems to be hanging around and messing things up.

2) If you are paying for a cupcake, you want a cupcake.  Alabama has always scheduled USM for a win, and for a while, they weren’t always a gimme.  They helped the classic example play out.  They were always sky-high to play Bama, but for us, it was always a ho-hum game.

3) If you are paying a cupcake, you want a cupcake.  This year, we have a cupcake.  The Golden Eagles need a good beating in exchange for their check – and I think that will happen today.

I’m looking for:

1) Obviously, to see how the quarterbacks play.  I think we’ll see Blake Sims, hopefully, help the team to a lead and then give way to Jake Coker, who continues his audition.

2) I’d like to see better play from the cornerbacks.  Yes, I know Eddie Jackson played well last week.  I’d like to see if that was FAU or if he can become the corner you don’t challenge.  I’d like to see the other corner spot play a whole lot better.

3) I’d like to see the defensive line dominate.  A shutout was pitched last week – and even in a rain-shortened game, that’s a big deal.  A big part of that was good line play, even against FAU.  I’d like to see that continue against another inferior opponent.

4) I’d like to see no injuries.  The real season starts next week and it would be nice to be healthy for the Gators.

Enjoy the game and Roll Tide!