Tuesday Numbers – Week 4 (Wednesday Style)

A day late and a dollar short.

All of the stats below are from cfbstats.com

Florida was horrible offensively last year, so we wondered all preseason how much better the Gator O would be this year. So far, for Gator fans at least, the results are promising. They are averaging 593.5 yards per game, good for second in the league, and have run 86 and 94 plays in their two games. The 94 plays, obviously, includes a slow first half and three over times against Kentucky.

The Gator defense is ranked second in the conference, allowing only 287.5 yards per game. Kentucky, however, gained 450 yards them.

Alabama’s defense is allowing only 47 yards per game on the ground this year. The Gators are gaining 248 yards per game on the ground on 5.57 yards per carry. Something will have to give in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

Alabama is 12th in the league in turnover margin with a ratio of -.67 per game. Florida is first at +3.50.

Take away a horrible first half against Boise State Bo Wallace’s family is already trademarking a nickname. But even with those first half numbers, he compares very favorably with Kenny Trill. Consider these stats through three games: 1,023 yards passing, nine touchdowns and four interceptions, 75.5% completion rate and quarterback rating of 190.03. So far, so good for Dr. Wallace.

Through three games, Arkansas is averaging 362 yards per game on the ground. If they are anywhere near that average by the end of the season, the Hogs will head to a nice bowl game.