Game Day Thoughts: Florida

Man, what a week it’s been.

There was a trip to Minnesota early this week and then I’ve been playing catch-up ever since.  Next thing you know, it’s game day.

I griped quite a bit yesterday about the messy state of affairs in sports.  But today, Lord willing, we can just enjoy the game.  There was a time in sports when winning meant you expended more effort, planned better, practiced better, played harder and fought longer.  Winning made you feel good – even as a fan, because it represented a successful mission.  In today’s era, I think that message gets drowned out a bit.  Now, when we look at the “winners” we don’t exactly like what we see.

I know, I know.  I’m not trying to sit over here in a glass house and throw stones.  I know Bama hasn’t been squeaky clean over the years.  But I will say this.  I’d rather lose with a guy like Blake Sims as our quarterback than to win with one like the last two Heisman winners.  Blake may be the worst human ever, but at least he’s keeping it to himself and not disrupting the team.  You can tell by watching him over time that he’s put in the time and effort to get better and his teammates respect him.  Win or lose, I’m glad he’s our guy.

But I don’t think we’ll lose.  I think today the team will face a pretty good sized challenge and I think they’ll respond well.  We should beat Florida, but in games like these, you see the leaders start to step up and lead, or not.  That process should be fun to watch.

Enjoy the game everyone and Roll Tide!