Killing the ‘Horns

I have to say, work is whipping me right now.  It’s hard to focus on blogging when there’s a pile of work on the desk, but this did catch my eye:

Junior offensive tackle Kennedy Estelle was dismissed by Texas for violating team rules Tuesday, becoming the ninth player kicked off the team by coach Charlie Strong this season.

Nine players getting kicked off of a team is hard to believe.  It would seem that the Texas Longhorns, at least in the view of Charlie Strong, are rotten to the core.

On one hand, his approach to law and order in Austin appears admirable.  There are many, many teams that needed a few less players than they kept around.

But on the other hand, it makes you go hmmm.  Nine players getting kicked off of a team?  That’s over 10% of your scholarship players.  If the players couldn’t get in line, then I agree with Charlie; they had to go.  But why aren’t they getting in line?  Are they not buying what he’s selling?  Are they just that bad of characters?  It all kind of seems strange.

I think it makes a difference, because he’s going to need continued support to keep his job.  When you lose that many players, it will make a big difference in how competitive your team is.  As I said above, the law and order approach is admirable.  I just hope it’s appropriate and that it works.


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