Tuesday Numbers…Here They Are

Well, they are finally here – a day late mind you, but finally here.  Tuesday numbers.

Today we’ll look at one category.  Passing leaders in the Southeastern Conference, sorted by Quarterback Rating.  Please refer to the chart below and see the comments that follow.From Skitch1) Note that the first six top-rated quarterbacks are from the SEC West.  Let that sink in for a moment.  

2) Again, the conference’s top six quarterbacks, based on QB rating are in the West.  In my humble internet opinion, that explains a lot.

3) The other QB from the West, LSU’s Anthony Jennings, is ranked 11th.  And guess what?  He won’t be starting this week against Auburn.  True freshman Brandon Harris gets the nod for the Bayou Bengals.

4) It may not be surprising to most, especially after the Florida game, but the Tide’s Blake Sims is still the top ranked passer in the league.

5) Of the top six, I’d be somewhat concerned about teams with QBs completing less than 60% of their throws.  That mark typically, at least in my internet mind, begins to separate the top level teams from the rest.  So, look out, Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State.  Your quarterback’s arm could spell the difference for your team.

6) The final thing to note, are the interceptions of Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace.  His numbers do not look horrible, at all, and he’s obviously rated as one of the top passers after playing four games.  But his interceptions do stand out like a sore thumb and show that he’s playing in a similar way to his last two years for the Rebel Black Bears.  For Wallace to truly be elite – and to beat teams like Alabama, he’s got to stop the intermittent barrage of turnovers.