Secondary Tickets: Bama Comes in Third

If you don’t already have season tickets to Alabama games, or if you have to by road tickets, it’ll cost you:

Alabama tied with Georgia for the highest median ticket prices. Its median price of $200 ranked behind only Notre Dame ($210) and Ohio State ($211). Auburn, despite beating Alabama last year and coming off an SEC Championship, ranks just 15th for median prices at $110.

The Crimson Tide also ranks as one of the top teams for elevating ticket prices on the road. When Alabama hits the road, its opponent’s prices increase by an average of 163 percent. That was second only to Florida State.

Both the Tide and the Tigers appear on VividSeat’s list of the most expensive games for the upcoming season. The Iron Bowl ranked third with an average price of $488. Alabama’s game with LSU ranks second at $494.


The inclusion of Georgia is a little bit of a head scratcher.  Other than early season games with Clemson and South Carolina, their schedule seems a bit average.


14 Thoughts to Finish the Preseason

14. Kentucky – Think Bobby Petrino will have the Hilltoppers jacked for the opener against an SEC team?  This has ugly written all over it for UK.

13. Auburn – How much does Washington State improve in Mike Leach’s second year?  The Cougars shouldn’t be very good, but can the Tigers be functional enough in game one under Gus Malzahn to win?

12. Vanderbilt – The most pivotal game of week one in the SEC.  A bowl game could be on the line for the Dores in this one.

11. Arkansas – Bret Bielema has talked all summer.  He’ll probably keep talking until after his SEC opener.

10. Tennessee – The Vols tune up for Petrino’s Hilltoppers by taking on Austin Peay.

9. Missouri – The Tigers could reel off five wins before facing Georgia and could be this year’s version of Mississippi State.

8. Mississippi State – Speaking of which, the Bullies have an interesting opener against No. 13-ranked Oklahoma State in Houston.  Dan Mullen’s team will find out real quick how good they are this year.

7. Ole Miss – Hugh Freeze, year two, yada, yada, yada.  To build on last year’s success, the Black Bears need to start with a win over Vandy.

6. Florida – The Gators kick off a fairly tough schedule with an easy tilt against Toledo.

5. Texas A&M – Will he or won’t he?  I’m guessing he will and the Aggies will crush Rice in the opener.

4. LSU – An interesting match-up week one versus TCU.  The Tigers have better players, but the Frogs probably have better coaches.  Xs and Os over Jimmies and Joes?  We’ll see.

3. South Carolina – Horrors!  Will anybody from North Carolina be able to block Jadeveon Clowney????  Probably not enough to upset the Gamecocks.

2. Georgia – In my opinion, the top match-up in college football for week one:  Georgia vs. Clemson.  The Dawgs can lose this one and still be in the hunt for a natty.

1. Alabama – The opener against Virginia Tech looked a lot better when it was inked.  The Hokies are dropping like flies and the line is approaching 20.  Can Frank Beamer cook something up for the Tide?  I guess we’ll see about that, too.

Just What Auburn Needs…More Lowder

According to some, Auburn needs more Lowder:

“More than any person I’ve known at Auburn, Bobby Lowder was capable of making tough decisions about athletics, no matter how controversial they might be,” Marshall wrote. 

“I’m not suggesting that Auburn find a power broker who puts the school’s academic well-being at risk. It is imperative, however, that Auburn find someone who has the perspective to understand how power affects athletics in this state.”

Yeah, I was thinking Auburn needed some more of that, too.  It seemed to work out well the first time.

There are a couple of things that flash like neon lights about this article:

* has posted a story, quoting a reporter from another sight.  If you need an example of their business model, this is it.

* Perhaps someone in the Auburn family isn’t happy with whoever is charged with making the tough decisions now.

* Or perhaps no one really is making the tough decisions.

Savage on A.J. McCarron’s Draft Prospects

Alabama radio network color analyst Phil Savage weighs in on A.J. McCarron’s draft prospects:

“I think for AJ, at least from my own NFL perspective, if he can go back and really improve in certain areas — everybody’s going to be focused on the winning and the national championships — but from an individual standpoint … really improve some things and make some plays under duress, I think he certainly ends up being a real option for people.

“The other thing I would say is that he weighed 204 pounds at the spring pro day, and obviously in that league he needs to add some weight in terms of … taking the hits, of surviving in the pocket.”

I seriously hope he doesn’t have to learn how to survive in the pocket this year.

Pioli on Davis and Saban

Former NFL executive Scott Pioli recently weighed-in on the Nick Saban – Tim Davis kerfuffle.

Before I offer a snippet, let me give you a hint: you’re going to like what he says.

Say what you will about Pioli being part of the Saban family – he’s worked with Saban and also Bill Belichick, these comments provide the best perspective I’ve seen on this mess:

“[Davis] spends a year out of football, can’t get a job, Nick creates a position at the University of Alabama to help a guy who’s been unemployed he shows his loyalty to the guy, brings him in, creates a position, pays him. This guy made the choice to come work for Nick and now a couple years later, he’s bashing a guy who really helped him,” Pioli said.  “And to me this is something within the industry that I really struggle with, Mike, because I’ve see it happen to Bill Belichick, I’ve seen it happen to Bill Parcells, I just don’t understand the mentality of people who are given opportunities, they seize the opportunity, they get paid, and then some time in the future they start to air dirty laundry or their hard feelings toward someone. I just don’t understand why people can’t keep their mouths shut and move on.  So, to me, it’s one of these trends in sports that I see, that I just, truly
disappoint me.”

I don’t understand it either, Scott, and it disappoints me as well.