Roll Dabo: Successor to Saban?

Kevin Scarbinsky makes a pretty good point related to the recently announced two-game series scheduled between Clemson and Auburn.  If Dabo Swinney shines in these games, it certainly makes him a front-runner to replace Nick Saban, whenever that time comes:

Swinney already has a pretty good case if both parties are interested when the time comes. How many other former Alabama players and assistants are running a major college program? How many of them have won a major conference championship? How many of them have won a BCS bowl game?

Swinney’s done all those things and more, and he’s done them at Clemson, which doesn’t have Alabama’s history.

Not to mention another little fun fact. There have been seven Alabama coaches since Bear Bryant. Only two of them have beaten Auburn more than Swinney has.

Gene Stallings, who coached and employed Swinney in Tuscaloosa, was 5-2 against the Tigers. Saban is 4-3 against them. Swinney is 2-1, and he’s riding a two-game winning streak.

Imagine if Clemson sweeps that upcoming series with Auburn with the highly touted Deshaun Watson at quarterback. Swinney would be 4-1 against Auburn about the time Saban could be seriously considering retirement and Alabama could be feverishly contemplating where to go next.

I would even go as far as to say that he would be on the short list if Saban was to step aside today.  He’s a good guy, decent coach, has experience running a top level program and is an outstanding recruiter.  Alabama could certainly do a lot worse (and has so before).

The problem with hiring Swinney, at least from my perspective, is that he isn’t an expert in anything except recruiting.  Sure, he knows a lot of football, but he isn’t an offensive genius or a defensive guru.  To some degree, I think people still look at Dabo as someone who was in the right place at the right time.  He stepped in adequately short-term for Tommy Bowden and parlayed that success into a long-term deal.  Along the way, though, he’s had some serious defensive issues and has also outsourced his offense to Chad Morris.  Sure, Dabo’s coordinated the whole deal, but no one thinks it is his offense ringing up those big numbers and everyone is waiting to see what happens when Morris moves on to be a head coach.

Give Dabo credit, though.  He has put it all together.  He had the sense to hire Morris.  He had the sense to get defensive coordinator Brent Venables from Oklahoma.  He is one of the top recruiters in the game.    And, I believe, he’s one of the genuinely good guys in college football.

If Alabama hired Dabo, he would no doubt be qualified.  And if he could keep the recruiting pipeline open that would certainly enhance his prospects of being successful.  But the Tide would essentially be hiring a football CEO instead of a guru.  Whether that CEO would turn out more like a Tommy Tuberville or a Derek Dooley would be a major question.


AU’s D-Line: So, Does This Mean Pack it In?

In the run-up to the Clemson-Auburn game, the Eyes on Auburn blog noted this key to victory:

This game will be won or lost up front. We are better than Clemson in the trenches. Our defensive line should outplay every defensive line in the SEC minus LSU (however, we have more depth than LSU here) this season. Clemson’s OL is young, unproven and not ready for what will roll into the Georgia Dome. It should be the difference in the game. If our defensive front doesn’t harass Tajh Boyd all night and control the line of scrimmage against an inexperienced offensive line, pack it in for a long season.

First, I rolled my eyes big-time at the “our defensive line should outplay every defensive line in the SEC minus LSU.”  Really?  Folks like Phil Steele disagree a bit.  Steele listed five other SEC defensive fronts in his top 10 with no mention of Auburn’s.  Just sayin’.

Second, this extremely talented and deep Auburn defensive line got rolled by Clemson to the tune of 320 yards rushing.  Sure, not all of the 320 yards rushing can be blamed on the d-line, but things do start-up front.  And this was against CU’s inexperienced offensive line.  Here’s what Gene Chizik had to say about the bunch:

A four-man rotation at defensive tackle struggled at times Saturday, prompting coach Gene Chizik to say the group “has to significantly improve.”

I would agree.

Clemson from a Clemson Point of View

I would guess most Bama fans have pulled a bit for Clemson over the last couple of years considering who their head coach is and because they’ve played Auburn a couple of times.

It’s also no secret they’ve underwhelmed the college football world as well.

One of my favorite new blogs, Atlantic Coast Convos, takes a look a the Clemson situation from the perspective of a CU fan.  This paragraph pretty well sums it up:

If Clemson had a record like Auburn’s over the last two decades, both sets of Tigers could be spoken of at the same level. So while Clemson might deserve more respect than it gets, the solution is simple. Elite programs don’t go twenty years without a conference title, and they don’t give up 70 points in their bowl game. If Clemson wants to be considered an elite program, it has to play like one. The future looks brighter for Clemson than it has for some time, and maybe in this decade the Tigers will regain the place they held during the 1980s.

In my opinion, Dabo Swinney has a ton of pressure on him this year.  Will he be able to wear 70 points better than Fran?  Can he save the league by winning some games and helping to build back some credibility for the ACC?  It’ll be interesting to watch this unfold this year.

“The shortest point between two distances is Clemson’s defensive line.”

I awoke this morning and grabbed for my phone to check last night’s Orange Bowl score.  What did I find?  West Virginia 70, Clemson 33.  Yes, Clemson gave up 70 points.

All I could say was, “Wow.”  Later, a friend’s Facebook status gave me the title for this post.

I realize the the Orange Bowl is just a fancy setting for basically an exhibition game, but I have a hard time seeing how Dabo Sweeney lasts for more than a couple of more seasons at CU.  I love ole Dabo, but 70 points?  Dang.  That does some serious damage to the goodwill pool.

The best part of this game?  The quotes.  They are golden.  Check them out:

“I always envisioned making great plays,” Cook said. “If you think it will happen, it will happen.”

Yeah, well, I’m envisioning myself being seven feet tall, but nothing’s happening.

“The guys wanted to come in and make a statement, and the only way you can do that is if you play well on all three sides of the ball,” coach Dana Holgorsen said.

“All three sides of the ball?”  Did they kick off from the sideline or something?

“You don’t score 70 points by being good on offense,” Holgorsen said. “You score 70 points by being good on all three sides of the ball.”

Just to make sure we get the picture, he says it again.  Are we gonna need some of those funny glasses to watch WV games in the future?

“We’re a better team than we played tonight,” coach Dabo Swinney said. “Just too many mistakes. But we’ll be back.”

Riiiight.  First major bowl in 30 years and your opponent hangs 70 on you.  CU may be back, but we’ll have to wait and see who makes the trip with them.

“I didn’t know you were a girl,” he told the mascot. “I apologize.”

No, they weren’t playing the Orange Bowl in New Orleans.

“Momentum swung not in our favor, and it was hard to recapture,” Boyd said

This may be the best one of all.  I can tell Tajh has a future in coaching.

Oh Yes It Was

Now, if T’Sharvan Bell’s team had worn some far-out space ranger outfits instead of their normal road unis, maybe I could agree with him:

“It wasn’t Auburn football. The execution wasn’t high. We played hard, but playing hard isn’t enough,” said the Auburn defensive back.

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