New Unis Make You Play Better #Wisconsinedition

Eventually, some team will come up with a garbage uniform combo that makes Georgia’ 2011 version look good.  Wisconsin gets close:


Because New Uniforms Help You Play Better (A&M Version)

Texas A&M goes retro with their new uniforms:

The stripes down the arms look ridiculous, just like they did the last time the wore them.  But, if that’s what you have to do to not look like Mississippi State, I guess you have to do it.

LSU’s New Uniforms

In this year of “screw up nice looking uniforms,” LSU takes their shot:

LSU's Pro Combat Unis


LSU will wear these things when they play Auburn on October 22nd.

LSU’s uniform is one of the best in college football and really doesn’t need to be spiced up.  Why trade-in the gold pants for white?  If you’re going to have a special new uniform, at least make it look better or address issues that the old unis had.  This version does neither.

[HT = Year2]