Loaded with Stars

There’s a post on BOL detailing Alabama’s 2014 roster by recruiting stars.  The numbers are staggering:

2014 Roster-Stars
5 stars:(13)
4 Stars: (52)
3 Stars: (18)

There was a time – not so long ago – when having one player with five stars was rare and we would go ga-ga over a couple of three-star guys.  For now, those days are gone.

If you ever wonder what is fueling Nick Saban’s run in Tuscaloosa, use this as a reminder.


Michigan Goes All-In on the Alternates

Tradition-rich Michigan will continue to sell-out sport alternate uniforms in 2012:

Brandon went on to say that Brady Hoke and the Michigan coaches tell him the uniforms go a long way in recruiting, and it’s true. Recruits love uniform combinations.

Dang.  All along I was thinking playing time, education and preparation for the NFL were the best recruiting pitches.

“There’s nothing any coach can do to make a prospect go to Auburn who doesn’t want to go to Auburn.”

If you’re looking for an update on Auburn’s recruiting season, look no further than right here.

While Auburn should be cleaning up in this recruiting cycle as the result of their 2010 BCS Title, to put it bluntly, they’re not.  Here’s a few of the excuses reasons for that:

* They say, in recruiting, there are often delayed reactions. A national championship is more likely to have an impact the year after it is won than the year in which it has won. But, in Auburn’s case, I wonder if the negativity that followed the Tigers throughout their run to the title and really into last season didn’t have just as much impact, or even more, than winning the national championship.

* I don’t believe the delay in naming new coordinators, in itself, had a lot of negative impact. But some opposing recruiters used that along with Mike Dyer’s departure, four players being charged with armed robbery, lopsided losses in big games and whatever else they could find or create to paint a picture of a program on shaky ground. It wasn’t an accurate picture, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re talking 17- and 18-year-olds here.

* Auburn coaches have sold the availability of immediate playing time in previous recruiting years. That’s not as easy to sell this time around.

Those are good, but this one is the absolute best:

* I believe many, maybe most, players, even those who play the game until the very end, know where they want to go from the outset. More of those players will want to go to Auburn in some years than others. There’s nothing any coach can do to make a prospect go to Auburn who doesn’t want to go to Auburn.

Unless you totally don’t follow college football, you have to know what a train-wreck-waiting-to-happen Auburn’s been over the last year or so, right?  I mean, it’s not like opposing recruiters have had to work that hard to convince a 17 or 18 year old about this.


Will Muschamp and Mark Richt Go to Church

When it comes to the world of college football recruiting, SEC members Florida and Georgia can often look down their noses at other members’ recruiting practices.

This right here, though, could be a real life case of the Gators and Bulldogs being a little bit holier-than-thou:

UGA coach Mark Richt is going to church on Wednesday with the state of Georgia’s top uncommitted prospect, Josh Harvey-Clemons.

Richt’s church visit will count as his in-home visit with the 6-foot-5, 200-pound linebacker from Lowndes High School. Harvey-Clemons has UGA, Florida and Florida State in a three-way tie and will announce his decision on National Signing Day (Feb 1.).

Richt, who is known for his Christian beliefs, won’t be the first college coach to attend church services with Harvey-Clemons at a small Baptist church in the Clyattville area of Lowndes County.

“[Will Muschamp] came to our regular service about a month ago; I guess Coach Richt doesn’t want to let Coach Muschamp beat him out with going to church with us,” said Josh’s grandfather, Woodrow Clemons, with a laugh.

And this right here is the punch line:

It created quite a stir when Florida’s coach showed up at church last month. “We gave everybody a heads up, and they were surprised to see [Muschamp],” Clemons said. “And the collection plate was equally surprised.

Josh’s grandfather said the idea to invite the college coaches to worship was from some of the deacons. “Coach Richt liked the idea. He said he was more than happy to be there.”

[Emphasis added]

I’m sure they were, Mr. Clemons, I’m sure they were.