Tuesday Numbers…Here They Are

Well, they are finally here – a day late mind you, but finally here.  Tuesday numbers.

Today we’ll look at one category.  Passing leaders in the Southeastern Conference, sorted by Quarterback Rating.  Please refer to the chart below and see the comments that follow.From Skitch1) Note that the first six top-rated quarterbacks are from the SEC West.  Let that sink in for a moment.  

2) Again, the conference’s top six quarterbacks, based on QB rating are in the West.  In my humble internet opinion, that explains a lot.

3) The other QB from the West, LSU’s Anthony Jennings, is ranked 11th.  And guess what?  He won’t be starting this week against Auburn.  True freshman Brandon Harris gets the nod for the Bayou Bengals.

4) It may not be surprising to most, especially after the Florida game, but the Tide’s Blake Sims is still the top ranked passer in the league.

5) Of the top six, I’d be somewhat concerned about teams with QBs completing less than 60% of their throws.  That mark typically, at least in my internet mind, begins to separate the top level teams from the rest.  So, look out, Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State.  Your quarterback’s arm could spell the difference for your team.

6) The final thing to note, are the interceptions of Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace.  His numbers do not look horrible, at all, and he’s obviously rated as one of the top passers after playing four games.  But his interceptions do stand out like a sore thumb and show that he’s playing in a similar way to his last two years for the Rebel Black Bears.  For Wallace to truly be elite – and to beat teams like Alabama, he’s got to stop the intermittent barrage of turnovers.



Tuesday Numbers, Week 5

Four weeks of the college football season are in the books, so let’s look at a few numbers.

For Alabama, the numbers are good.  The Tide ranks first in the league in total defense (250.3 yards per game) and second in total offense (587.5)  The Tide is converting third downs at a clip of 61.82%, good for second in the league, and is holding it’s opponents to a conversion rate of 24.00%, which is also good for second.

Tide receiver Amari Cooper continues to lead the league in receptions (43) and yardage (655) and continues on track to destroy all Alabama receiving records.

If you consider quarterback ratings, Bama signal caller Blake Sims is your man, with a league-best rating of 190.77.

About the only place where the Tide stinks is a turnover margin of -.75 per game, good for 13th in the league.




Tuesday Numbers, Week 2

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Wednesday, but Tennessee playing on Sunday night has thrown the whole blog schedule off.  I hope that’s not a theme will deal with on a repeating basis this year.

Statistics after one week often lack perspective, but let’s take a look at a few anyway.

1) Alabama’s defense surrendered 393 yards last Saturday against West Virginia.  Through one week, that ranks the unit at eighth in the conference.  If that feels a little unusual, it is.  Bama only allowed that many yards three times in 2013: Texas A&M (628), Auburn (393) and Oklahoma (429).

2) Amari Cooper snagged a near-record 12 catches against the Mountaineers.  That number doesn’t lead the league, though.  That honor, through one week, goes to A&M receiver Malcome Kennedy who caught 14 passes against South Carolina.

3) Ole Miss recorded a lofty 10 tackles for loss against Boise State.  That’s an impressive number, even if it was against the Broncos.  Last year, league leader Missouri only averaged 7.64 TFL per game.

4) After week one, Auburn’s Jeremy Johnson is the top-rated passer based on rating at 243.83.  Bama’s Blake Sims ranks 10th with a 130.31 rating.

5) Alabama kicker Adam Griffith kicked off seven times against the Mountaineers, resulting in only three touchbacks.  That percentage is good for eighth in the league.

Tuesday Numbers, Week 14

* Alabama ranks first in total defensive with 263.9 yards allowed per game.  Auburn ranks 10th with 406.9 allowed.

* In conference games only, the Tide ranks first with 294.6 yards allowed and Auburn ranks 11th with 452.9 allowed.

* Alabama allows allowing 9.3 points per game, good for first in the league, while Auburn allows 22.0, good for fifth.

* Offensively, Auburn ranks second in the league with 499.9 yards per game, while Alabama is eighth with 444.7.

* In conference games only, Alabama is second with 490.9, while Auburn is third with 471.0.

* Alabama is tied with Missouri for second in the league in scoring, with both averaging 39.7 points per game.  Auburn is fourth, averaging 39.0.

* In conference games alone, Auburn ranks first in the league with 284.86 yards per game, while Alabama ranks second with 247.43.

* Defensively, the Tide only allows 98.86 yards rushing per game, while Auburn gives up 178.86, good for ninth in the league.

* The ‘Bama offense converts 49.18% of its third down conversions (third in the league), while Auburn converts 44.29% (sixth).

* The Tide defense allows a third down conversion rate of 31.51% (first in the league), while Auburn gives up 35.58% (fifth).





Tuesday Numbers, Week 13

* The first and most important number is the number 10.  As in a 10-0 record for Alabama and a double-digit win season for the Tide for the sixth straight time.  Since 2008, ‘Bama has racked up 12, 14, 10, 12, 13 and 10 (so far) wins each season.  Don’t bother looking it up.  That’s the first time that’s been done in Tide history.  The only other period that comes close is 1971-1980 when ‘Bama had nine seasons out of 10 with at least 10 wins.  Not bad, Nick Saban.

* They say defense wins championships and that is true.  I’ve seen it happen.  But that old maxim hasn’t worked out at Florida this year.  The Gators, though second in the league in total defense, are last in the conference in total offense.  Nice work, Gators.

* Alabama running T.J. Yeldon now has his second straight 1,000 yard season.  He’s currently at 1,022 yards on 164 carries for a healthy 6.23 yards per carry average.

* How does that average compare to other backs under Saban?  Terry Grant (2007) 4.95; Glenn Coffee (2008) 5.94; Mark Ingram (2009) 6.12; Ingram (2010) 5.54; Trent Richardson (2011) 5.93; and Eddie Lacy (2012) 6.48.  Not bad, Yeldon.

* The ‘Bama defense leads the SEC by allowing only 272.8 yards per game.  They are also only allowing a league-best 4.71 yards per play.  That’s the worst average for the Tide since the 2007 defense allowed 5.0 yards per play.


Tuesday Numbers, Week 12

* Everybody seems to think offense is up in the league this year.  Here’s more data to support that notion…Last year, Tennessee averaged 475.9 yards per game, good for second in the league.  This year, that total would have been good for fifth in the conference.

* This year’s worst offense, Florida (335.7) is actually averaging a full 1.7 more yards per game than last year’s Gators who finished 12th in the league.

* Are stats for losers?  Well, some are.  Alabama is ranked ninth in the league in yards per game with 452.7.  How many teams in the league would love to have the Tide’s offense, just like it is?  The answer: most all.

* That ninth ranked offense is averaging 40.9 points per game in all games and 42.8 in conference games.  Very effective, I’d say.

* The Tide added four more sacks against LSU and now has 15 for the year, good for 10th in the league.  Last years unit finished tied for third with 35 sacks.

* ‘Bama’s AJ McCarron is ranked third in the conference with a quarterback rating of 169.06.  Johnny Manziel (186.86) and Zach Mettenberger (176.60) rank ahead of McCarron.

* Alabama’s Christion Jones still leads the SEC in average return yardage per kickoff with 31.07.

* Auburn running back Corey Grant averages a gaudy 10.08 yards per carry on 50 attempts.

* So goes Connor Shaw so goes the Gamecocks.  South Carolina’s senior quarterback has a quarterback rating of 164.14 and has tossed 18 touchdown passes against only one interception.  He’s also run for 375 yards.

* Georgia’s run defense allows only 126.0 yards per game, good for fourth in the league.  They’ll be severely test this week by Auburn’s rushing offense which averages 320.0 yards per contest.

Tuesday Numbers, Week 10

* Talk about misleading: Alabama ranks seventh in the conference in total offense so far this season.  Think any of the Vols thought they were playing the seventh best offense in the league?

* Factor out non-conference games and ‘Bama ranks second in the league with 536.2 yards of offense per game.  Ahhh, that’s more like it.  Texas A&M, of course, ranks first.

* It’s also worth noting that South Carolina, when considering league games only, ranks third with 484.2 yards per game.

* The Tide defense continues to rank well in the conference statistics.  ‘Bama’s defense is allowing only 280.9 yards per game, good for second in the SEC so far.  Florida paces the league, allowing only 273.1 yards per game.

* Take out the league games, and Florida and ‘Bama still rank 1-2.  Want to guess who’s third?  Yep, the Gamecocks.

* Auburn fans Some would argue that defensive scoring numbers are all that matter.  Alabama and Florida again lead the league and Auburn does show up third with a surprisingly low 20.5 points allowed per game.

* Take out non-conference games, though, and the Tigers fall to sixth, allowing 29.5 points per league contest.

* Last year, A&M’s Johnny Manziel completed a sizzling 68.0 percent of his passes.  Some (me) thought he wouldn’t be able to improve on that.  So far, I’m wrong.  Way wrong.  Through eight games, Johnny Football is completing 73.0 percent of his throws.  Oh, and he’s averaging 10.3 yards per attempt.

*  Good luck to whomever has the job of picking the All-SEC receivers this year.  Mike Evans (48 catches, 1,101 yards), Odell Beckham, Jr. (48 catches, 1,009 yards), Jordan Matthews (66 catches, 890 yards) and Jarvis Landry (58 catches, 882 yards) will make that job a nightmare.

* How important is the pass rush?  I dunno.  Top defenses Alabama and Florida are tied for 11th in the league with only 11 sacks each.