I Approve this Message

This guy makes some sense about uniform changes:

Changing a jersey should be as serious as changing a mascot name. Much thought needs to go into the decision of changing it, tenfold more than the amount of time a graphic design team spends fleshing it out in Photoshop. The change is not just in color and patterns, but in memories. New jerseys designate new eras, and that should span wider than the tenure of a coach, or a starting quarterback, or a calendar, which is where they’re at now.


Penn State’s Going All Crazy with Their Unis, Too

It’s not exactly a take-off on the Wisconsin throwbacks, but it’s a start:

The new unis will feature a blue ribbon in support of victims of child abuse, though the release doesn’t say exactly where (I would assume somewhere on the helmet). Also, the jerseys will have names on the back recognizing those who stayed with the program.

The blue ribbon is a nice touch.

However, they got all crazy with the names.  Next thing you know, they’ll throw a number on the side like the old days.

Jim McElwain on New Uniforms

We’ve seen a lot of garbage uniforms floating around this off season.  Some coaches even seem to think the new uniforms help you play better.  As Bama fans, we know all that is bunk.  It has nothing to do with uniforms.  Former Tide offensive coordinator and current head coach at Colorado State, Jim McElwain, puts the uniform issue into perspective:

Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain has a couple of concerns, but the new uniforms look of the Rams isn’t one of them.

McElwain explained on Monday, “I’ll tell you the impact I had. I wish we would wear our practice jerseys and our practice uniforms and go out and learn how to block and tackle and play. To me you have to earn the uniform. As of right now we haven’t done any of that. I do believe we will and I do believe we will in time. To be quite upfront about it, one of the least things I worry about is uniforms and picture day. You want to talk about something that really has no impact on what you do on a daily basis.”

McElwain is probably worth keeping an eye on.  In terms of Saban disciples, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be the most successful one to date.

Michigan Goes All-In on the Alternates

Tradition-rich Michigan will continue to sell-out sport alternate uniforms in 2012:

Brandon went on to say that Brady Hoke and the Michigan coaches tell him the uniforms go a long way in recruiting, and it’s true. Recruits love uniform combinations.

Dang.  All along I was thinking playing time, education and preparation for the NFL were the best recruiting pitches.