Week 4 Review

We’re 34-7 after four weeks…

1) Alabama 42, Florida 21 [Prediction: Alabama 20, Florida 10]

  • Pre-game: “Both teams will face the best defenses they’ve seen all season.”
  • Post-game: Uh, well, only one could actually say that and that team’s defense gave up a school-record amount of offense.

2) Georgia 66, Troy 0 [Georgia 45, Troy 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Dawgs look to rebound with a win over struggling Troy.”
  • Post-game: Yawn.

3) Indiana 31, Missouri 27 [Missouri 49, Indiana 34]

  • Pre-game: “The Tigers win a shootout.”
  • Post-game:  Not so fast, my friend.

4) South Carolina 48, Vanderbilt 34 [South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 14]

  • Pre-game: “No hangover for the ‘Cocks; they suffered their’s in week one.”
  • Post-game:  The Gamecocks pulled away late for their third win.

5) Arkansas 52, Northern Illinois 14 [Arkansas 35, Northern Illinois 24]

  • Pre-game: “You do not want to play Northern Illinois in a non-conference game.”
  • Post-game:  But if you do, it feels good to beat them.

6) Auburn 20, Kansas State 14 [Auburn 37, Kansas State 25]

  • Pre-game: “The Wildcats don’t have enough horses to hang with Auburn.”
  • Post-game:  Wrong.  K-State hung tough and kept Auburn’s run game in check.

7) Mississippi State 34, LSU 29 [LSU 27, Mississippi State 17]

  • Pre-game: “The SEC West starts to sort itself out.”
  • Post-game:  Big upset number two of the SEC season as the West does indeed start to sort itself out.

8) Texas A&M 58, SMU 6 [Texas A&M 71, SMU 6]

  • Pre-game: “The Aggies beat their third Texas opponent in a row.”
  • Post-game: Yawn, part two.

Week 4 Picks

It’s already week four and we head into it with a 28-5 record…

1) Alabama 20, Florida 10 – Both teams will face the best defenses they’ve seen all season.

2) Georgia 45, Troy 17 – The Dawgs look to rebound with a win over stuggling Troy.

3) Missouri 49, Indiana 34 – The Tigers win a shootout.

4) South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 14 – No hangover for the ‘Cocks; they suffered their’s in week one.

5) Arkansas 35, Northern Illinois 24 – You do not want to play Northern Illinois in a non-conference game.

6) Auburn 37, Kansas State 25 – The Wildcats don’t have enough horses to hang with Auburn.

7) LSU 27, Mississippi State 17 – The SEC West starts to sort itself out.

8) Texas A&M 71, SMU 6 – The Aggies beat their third Texas opponent in a row.

A Few More Week 4 Thoughts

The slate for this week’s games looks rather blah, but based on reputation alone, this could have been a pretty big weekend.

The two biggest games are, by far, Florida – Tennessee and LSU – Auburn.  And it wasn’t all that long ago, at least for me, when those two games would’ve definitely been can’t-miss games.  I’ll try my best to watch, but the Gators and the Vols has the potential to be ugly.  Not necessarily ugly as in lopsided score, but ugly as in two mediocre or worse football teams.  Florida has a great defense, but can’t score.  The Vols can play both offense and defense, as long as they’re playing against Sun Belt teams.  Like I said, it could get ugly.

LSU – Auburn used to be a good game as well.  Like back during the Cam Newton days.  But now, there’s a mile-wide talent gap and Auburn will be lucky if they aren’t blown out.  Don’t get me wrong, Auburn could pull the moral victory like last year, but Zach Mettenberger is playing well, the Bengal Tigers have a running game and they are playing at home.  Auburn, to their credit, is 3-0, but have essentially beaten no one.  I’m no LSU fan, but I’ll be pulling hard for a beat down here.

The Tide plays host to Jim McElwain and his Colorado State Rams.  On paper, obviously, this game should not be close.  Unless, we have a hangover from the trip to College Station, it should be very one-sided.  It really doesn’t matter if McElwain knows all of the plays or not, the Rams are severely out-manned.  I’ll definitely be watching to see if the defense returns and I’ll be watching to see if Amari Cooper gets his groove back.  Other than that, let’s tune up for Ole Miss and be done.

How about this for weird?  Missouri plays at Indiana.  Vanderbilt plays at Massachusetts.  Arkansas plays at Rutgers.  For teams in the SEC that’s very unusual.  It’s a wonder Mississippi State isn’t traveling to Troy.



14 Thoughts for Week 4

14 Thoughts is the Tidebits version of a PowerPoll…

14. Kentucky (previous 14) – The ‘Cats have a week off then face Florida, South Carolina and then ‘Bama.  Gulp

13. Mississippi State (12) – The Bulldogs, once again, found a way to lose to Auburn.  Any momentum the Dogs had in last couple of years is totally gone.

12. Vanderbilt (10) – Vandy faces UMass, UAB and Missouri over the next three weeks.  They need to sweep these three to make a bowl.

11. Tennessee (7) – Maybe Butch Jones can find some motivational points in their 59-14 beat down by Oregon to get the Vols ready for a trip to the Swamp.

10. Auburn (11) – Remember, Auburn, it was only Mississippi State.  The varsity schedule starts this week against LSU.

9. Arkansas (13)- The Hogs beat one of the worst teams in the country, Southern Miss, but didn’t struggle as they did last week against Samford.

8. Missouri – (8) – The Tigers didn’t struggle offensively against Toledo as much as Florida did, but the jury is still out on this team.  The Tigers could be 5-0 (and this year’s version of Mississippi State) heading into game six against Georgia.

7. Florida (6) – The Gators’ offense needs to come alive.  The Vols in the Swamp may be the jump start they need.

6. Ole Miss (9) – Going to Austin and beating Texas was a huge win for Hugh Freeze.  The Black Bears now have a week off before facing Alabama.

5. South Carolina (5) – The Gamecock are back on track after beating Vandy.

4. LSU (4) – Will the Tigers go after Auburn with the new and improved Cam Cameron passing attack or maul them with the run?  Or both?

3. Georgia (2) – North Texas is up this week for the Dawgs and then LSU awaits.

2. Texas A&M (4) – With Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans, it may not matter how bad the Aggie defense is.

1. Alabama (1) – Well, the Tide has been waiting for the Aggies since last year’s heartbreaking loss and we’ll finally see what Nick Saban has cooked up for Johnny Football.

Power Poll – Week 4

Ready or not, the week four Power Poll…

1) Alabama (4-0) (no change) – Another week, another opponent dismantled.  The Tide played a lot of players, but lost its bid for three consecutive shutouts.

2) Georgia (4-0) (last week: 3) – The Dawgs are ranked No. 5 and look strong.

3) South Carolina (4-0) (last week: 4) –  Connor Shaw put on a Stephen-Garcia-versus-Alabama-2010 performance as the Gamecocks beat Missouri.

4) LSU (4-0) (last week: 2) – All that rematch talk has simmered a bit after the Tigers struggled with Auburn.

5) Florida (4-0) (no change) The Gators are playing well defensively and the offense has moved light years ahead of 2011’s debacle.

6) Mississippi State (4-0) (last week: 7) – I really have no other place to fit these Dogs.  Dan Mullen’s squad beats another Sun Belt team, but they are undefeated.

7) Texas A&M (2-1) (last week: 8) – The Aggies beat a MEAC team 70-14.

8) Tennessee (3-1) (last week: 9) – The Vols take a tiny step forward after surviving against Akron.  Yes, I just typed that Vol fans.

9) Ole Miss (3-1) (last week: 12) – According to my pre-season predictions, the Rebel Black Bears have won their last game of 2012.  However, given the struggles of Auburn and Arkansas, the RBBs have at least two more reasonable chances.

10) Missouri (2-2) (last week: 6) – The Tigers look pathetic against South Carolina.

11) Auburn (1-3) (no change) – Not even a moral victory could move the Tigers up in the Power Poll.

12) Vanderbilt (1-3) (last week: 10) – Vandy is 0-3 when playing big boy football this year.

13) Arkansas (1-3) (last week: 14) – Thankfully for the Hogs, there’s always Kentucky.

14) Kentucky (1-3) (last week: 13) – The Wildcats were steam rolled by the Gators, as per usual.